Adult Onesies That Won’t Make You Look Like an Overgrown Baby

Like bodysuits, onesies aren’t exactly easy to pull off IRL. Back in the day, they were mostly relegated to base layers meant to be worn under garments to keep you warm while skiing/snowboarding. Or, you know, for actual infants. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of brands like Tipsy Elves and Snuggie, onesies are associated with less than fashionable attire — though, to their credit, Tipsy Elves now make a number of stylish one-piece options.

But given the obvious convenience that comes with cutting down on the number of garments you have to put on in the morning, there’s a very real appeal to onesies. Even Beyonce is into them!

If you look hard enough, there are actually a lot of onesie options that won’t make you look like an overgrown child or like you’re headed to a costume party. While many of the most stylish options veer the catsuit route, there are roomier options for those looking for something less body-con and plenty of great choices for the slopes and working out.

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