When it comes to the old childhood game of cowboys and Indians, don’t choose sides this time. Instead, mix together both influences for a unique and modern spin on the Wild West.  D&G had a western theme for spring that was outrageous, flirtatious, and totally fun. I’m talking Native American-inspired suede fringe skirts, studded boots, ruffled sweetheart dresses, serious neck scarves, and worn down denim. D&G touched upon every single western trend known to exist, wrapped up in 62 overly-embellished looks. Take a cue from this collection and don’t be subtle when it comes to laidback western wear. Pile on everything that reminds you of a cowboy, and you’re good to go.


Paul and Joe took a safer route with a classy mix of masculine and feminine pieces that were more basic and effortless. There were all black salon looks, crisp black and white lace combinations fit for a serious poker game, flirtatious dresses that looked like they were meant for modern day can can dancers, and some utilitarian cargo thrown in to remind us that we are in the 21st century.


It is simple to take these high fashion interpretations of old western culture and make them work today. To start, it’s mandatory to own a masculine denim work shirt. It’s a versatile piece that can be tucked into a layered skirt with a studded belt for a more girlish look. Or you can wear it with leather pants, or with a pair of rugged denim skinny jeans slung low on the hips for a more masculine, laidback vibe.

Try adding a little Native American touch with turquoise accessories and a fringe-decorated bag in natural tanned suede. The Native American side of the Old West is much more vibrant with intricate repetitive patterns in deep earth tones like red, orange, blue, and yellow. These colors and patterns are found in the Pendleton designs that originated amongst the Southwestern native tribes, normally found on shawls and blankets. Its colors are distinct, and its patterns are a kaleidoscope portrayal of Mother Nature’s sunsets, free flowing water, green soil, and red clay. I love this print in small doses, like on an intricately beaded bib necklace, or on a pair of trouser shorts. With this print, you will bring out a bit of your American roots that are backed up with a lot of history.

For those who are weary of this head-to-toe trend, try just wearing one western piece at a time. A pair of rugged cowboy boots that hit at the ankle is more chic than rodeo, and looks good with everything in your closet. Or tie a thin denim scarf around your neck to instill a little bit of that Southern hospitality that pulls an entire look together. Another great accessory is a brown buckle waist belt. Choose one with a thick width so that it brings to mind the tight corsets of women of the Old West (only you can breathe better in this kind). Wear it with a little white shirt dress and a pair of fringe boots. You’ll look innocent and dangerous at the same time. I’m sure the late John Wayne would be very proud of your western state of mind…

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.