On the Bright Side: 10 Colorfully Coordinated Outfits to Slay Summer

After a rather dreary winter and a slow start to spring, we bet you can’t wait to break out the brights. But slow your roll. You need to decide if you want to wear one knockout color head to toe or try to pull off color-coordinated looks featuring several striking shades.

The latter is definitely tricky since it can be hard to tell which bold hues actually work well together. Our advice? Start off with primary colors, then build your outfits around them. Don’t be afraid that combining red with green will come across as too Christmas-y. As long as there are other brights in the mix, the look will read more July 25 than December 25.

Looking for some outfit inspo? Check out the slideshow above for 10 cool outfits that flaunt a rainbow of shades.

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