Get Ready to Get Dressed Up Because Bourgeois Is Back

Celine Fall 2019

Celine Fall 2019; Image: Imaxtree

If there’s one thing that defines Fall 2019 on the style front, it’s bourgeois. It popped up on almost every runway during fashion month and you can’t listen to a fashion insider for very long without the term being dropped. But what exactly is bourgeois?

Like camp fashion, bourgeois can leave shoppers scratching their heads. It’s not as crystal clear as the square-toe trend or our slouchy boot obsession. Basically, bourgeois is about affluence and, according to some, boredom. While the term may be the kiss of death to some fashion folk since it references a certain uniformity, it’s appealing to others because it represents a return to “proper” day dressing as opposed to streetwear or athleisure.

Tory Burch Fall 2019

Tory Burch Fall 2019; Image: Imaxtree

The Fall 2019 runways translated it into prim-and-proper looks with nods to the 70s. (See: Hermes, Tory Burch, Victoria Beckham along with old and new Celine — the fashion house’s Fall 2019 show was a strong champion of the trend.) In fact, most of the Fall 2019 shows in Paris showcased some form of the look. From tons of tweed and heritage fabrics to crisp tailoring via overcoats and suits to neckties plus the occasional ruffle spotting, the key is to always look like you have somewhere to go, even if you don’t.

Now that you know the deal, here are some chic bourgeois pieces so you can blend in with the crowd.