Your Full-Body Outdoor Workout, No Equipment Required

What do you do when you’ve spent years interval training at Barry’s Bootcamp (frequently dubbed “the world’s most difficult workout“) and practicing hot power yoga that’s been called the “toughest in America” yet still feel like you’re in a workout rut? Temporarily relocate to Tel Aviv and hire a sniper-turned-personal trainer who spent five years serving in an elite unit of the Israeli Defense Force, obviously. Dor Fried trains most of his clients on the beach with moves that can be modified in intensity depending on one’s fitness level. They require nothing but your body weight and, while the beach in Tel Aviv makes for an ideal backdrop, they can easily be done anywhere you have a bit of space (heated workouts — in the sun or otherwise — are having a moment but they aren’t for everyone).

For a challenging full body workout, do the above six moves as a circuit three times; take a 20-second break between each move and a one-minute break in between each circuit.