Get in Shape Anywhere with These Streaming Workouts

It’s not easy for those of us who have become studio rats to branch out and work out on our own. Left to our own devices, most of us fall into a pattern where we repeat the same movements over and over again. Not only do repetitive motions quickly lead to plateaus, they make us more prone to injury. We also tend to avoid the very exercises we need most; after all, it’s always more fun to do something we’re good at.

Now, thanks to streaming workouts, we can not only keep ourselves challenged, but we can work out with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry with the touch of a button on our phone. Better yet, many of the fitness brands that have extended their reach via technology have built communities around their streaming workouts. Tracy Anderson, for example, has a hashtag (#TARealTime) and countless enthusiasts have started dedicated Instagram pages to track their progress and encourage each other to keep up with their workouts.

See our slideshow above for a look at six of the best digital workouts.