Sweat in Style: 10 Up-and-Coming Fitness Brands You Need to Know

A few years ago, who knew we’d be spending a significant portion of our clothing budget on fitness apparel? And we’re not the only ones. In fact, even those who aren’t sports enthusiasts are splurging. The sales of athletic yoga apparel are now outpacing the sport itself, spawning the term “yoga poseurs.”

With a growing number of curated online portals, including Net-a-Sporter, Carbon38 and Bandier, it’s hard to blame anyone for giving into temptation. It has been over a year since we first highlighted the growing number of up-and-coming sportswear brands and the options have only increased since. And it’s not only apparel that’s growing. We’re now seeing niche sneaker brands rivaling bigwigs like Nike and Under Armour as well as a growing number of fashion-forward styles like jumpers turning traditional workout wear on its head.

Here’s a look at 10 brands to consider stocking in the sportswear section of your closet, whether you actually make it to the gym or not.