Rob Piela’s Model Workout (or, How to Get Fit Like Gigi Hadid)

If you’re wondering how Gigi Hadid stays in fighting shape, look no further than Rob Piela, owner of Gotham Gym and creator of Gotham G-BOX. A mainstay on Instagram feeds if you follow of-the-moment models, like Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Sara Sampaio, he also attracts actors like Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper to his Muhammad Ali homage-peppered gym. Piela’s workouts usually begin with the jump rope and then progress into a combination of boxing techniques, cardio and calisthenics. Curious to find out more (hey, if it works for the Hadid sisters), we asked Piela to break down one of his typical workouts. In keeping with his clientele’s jet-set schedule, it’s a workout you can do anytime, anywhere. (Rising humidity levels are no longer an excuse!)


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Images: Courtesy of Gotham Gym, featuring Gotham G-BOX trainer Toussaint Jeanlouis