Fiona Stiles, Make-Up Artist: A tFS Exclusive Interview

As one of the most prolific make-up artists of the decade, Fiona Stiles has worked with some serious leading ladies: Halle Berry, Camilla Belle, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Banks, to name a few.
Here, Fiona answers Sarah Howard’s three favorite beauty-related questions.
Sarah Howard: How did you break into the make-up industry?
Fiona Stiles: It was a bit of an accident, and a lot of ingenuity!  Not to date myself, but it was before email, internet and websites.  
I literally thumbed through magazines, found the names of make-up artists I liked, then went through the phone book and called to ask if I could assist them.  
The phone numbers for hair and make-up agencies were impossible to find back then, so it took some serious craftiness to make connections.  
And then I just worked hard, worked on pictures for my portfolio and made people pretty.  It takes hard work, professionalism, diligence, and love and passion for what you do! People can tell when you love what you do….

SH: Five most coveted products, and why?

FS: 1. Stephane Marais foundations:

Sadly Stephane Marais’ line was discontinued a while back, but I have a stash of his foundations in my make-up closet, and they are always in my kit.  

They are so creamy, the colors are perfect and the texture gives the skin a perfect finish without it looking heavy or cakey.  I have yet to find another foundation that goes on like his….when I run out, its going to be traumatic!

2. DuWop DoubleGlow7 highlighter in Champagne:

This is an amazing highlighter.  It isn’t too oily or, most importantly, too greasy.  It just gives the skin a soft subtle glow wherever you put it.  I love it on cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, shoulders and clavicals.  It brings life and light to the skin. 

3. Shu Uemura Paint Liner in Black:

Some of the worst make-up news I’ve heard recently is that Shu Uemura is being pulled from all of the stores in the US.  Their products are a make-up artists dream – the pigments are so strong and pure.  The Paint Liner is a gel liner that is waterproof, and the black is incredibly dark and inky.  

The formulation is really smooth, so I can get a micro thin line if I want, or I can paint a think black shape with no patches, and I know it won’t move once it’s on.  I just stocked up the other day since it’ll be really hard to get come the end of summer!  Get yours while you can….

4. Josie Maran eyeshadows:

Her colors are great, and the formula is one of the best.  The colors stick to the skin, blend perfectly, and as a bonus, they are paraben and petrochemical free.  Her packaging is all recyclable, and the cases are made of a corn based resin, so they are compostable and biodegradable.  I love that Josie cares about the environment and made an eco-conscious brand that is also incredibly chic.

5. YSL Touche Eclat #4:

This shade of concealer is great for darker skin tones – so many concealers can make the skin look ashy or grey. This one has a warm golden tone which lightens and brightens under the eyes magically, without looking thick and heavy.

SH: Favorite look you’ve ever created, and why?

FS: This image (left) is one of my favorite pictures in my book.  She has an amazing face. incredible skin and I love the strength of her features.  

I like that even though the make-up is strong, you can still see her skin.


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