Beauty News: New Treatment Offers Lush Lashes Without Mascara

Mascara is the one beauty product most of us won’t dare leave the house without. It’s cheap, and with a single application, we look awake and ready to take on the day. Now, a new budget-proof, semi-permanent product called LashDip promises impenetrably dark, full lashes for up to six weeks. You’ll love it.


The only time we’re willing to brave the world without mascara is when we’ve had our lashes dyed and permed (yes, permed). The double-punch process lifts, curls, and darkens lashes like no mascara ever could. In short, you wake up looking gorgeous. But we have one complaint: it only lasts about two weeks, and at over $60 a pop, we’re not about to do it bi-monthly. By the third week, lashes are still darker and more curled than usual, but we begin reaching for the Dior Show once again. Thankfully, LashDip has arrived.


What is LashDip?

LashDip is a black jelly coating that’s cold-air-cured onto lashes by a trained professional. The treatment shrink-wraps itself around each lash, giving 360-degree coverage.  The end result?  Lashes with lift, separation, length, volume, and hold, sans the mascara. Impervious to water and sweat, like we said, LashDip lasts up to six weeks. 

Is it damaging?

Because it works around the lash follicle, and keeps it intact, LashDip has been given the nickname “lash armor”.  It’s also packed with conditioning agents (like glycerin, aloe, and glycol) in both the prepping and sealing solutions, so lashes will look shinier than before. The verdict?  Not damaging. 

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How does it differ from Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription-only product that lengthens, darkens, and multiplies natural lashes.  LashDip, however, is purely cosmetic and only available in salons.  Latisse is meant to give you eyelashes that make you look better in your mascara.  LashDip offers a semi-permanent respite from having to wear mascara every day.

Where can I have this done?

LashDip hit the market in September, and since then, about fifty salons nationwide offer it. Of course, that number continues to increase. To find a lash technician in your area who offers the service, call 888-740-LASH (5274) or go to The service runs about $200.