Lady Gaga Wants You to Smell Like Blood and Semen

Word is out that Lady Gaga will be releasing a fragrance of her very own, but unlike every other celebrity perfume, hers might actually make people smell worse. The pop star’s fragrance, which will be available in Spring 2012, will allegedly smell like a combination of blood and semen! She has named the special scent Monster, in reference to her fans, but perhaps because of its frightening odor as well.

Lady Gaga meat dress

Honestly, we can’t say we expected anything different from the woman in meat dresses and straight jackets – we give her credit for staying true to her controversial self. But what we want to know is: will anyone actually wear this fragrance? Surely we can count on a “Little Monster” or two to invest in Lady Gaga’s newest creation, but is it something we’ll spritz on as we’re leaving the house, or will it sit on our shelves forever as Gaga memorabilia? One thing is for sure: we can’t wait to see what she does with the bottle!

As much as we want to declare this scent a Gaga original, she is actually not the first one to come up with bodily fluids as a fragrance. Etat Libre D’Orange has a fragrance on the market called Sécrétions Magnifiques, but in addition to blood and semen, that particular concoction contains a hint of sweat and saliva too. Ew.

So what do you think? Will you gag when you get a whiff of Gaga’s fragrance or is the trendsetting pop icon on to something?