12 Body Washes That Smell So Amazing You Can Skip Perfume

Switching up your signature scent in spring is a no-brainer. After all, who wants to smell like tobacco and sandalwood once the weather warms up? But this season, in an effort to streamline our morning routines, we’re opting to ditch perfume in favor of heavenly-scented body washes.

Whether you fancy florals like rose and freesia or prefer to smell a little more delectable (think sugar, lemon and caramel), there’s a scented body wash for your spring showers. And the aroma lingers long after you’ve dried off. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice gentle cleansing agents or hydration helpers to smell fantastic. Our favorite fragrant body washes all promise smooth, soft and nourished skin.

Here are the 12 best body washes that smell like spring.

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