14 Skin Care Products That Double as Makeup to Streamline Your Morning Routine

Sometimes it seems like the latest beauty trends are devised just to add more steps to our regimens. As much as we love things like contouring and lip art, they don’t exactly streamline our already packed morning routine. Thankfully, there are products that can make our lives (and makeup bags) simpler and help shave a few steps off our routine.

We’re already pretty familiar with makeup products that offer skin care benefits. Just think of all of the foundations that promise to moisturize or clear up acne while evening out our complexions. There are also skin care products that double as makeup, which is perfect for people who prefer a natural beauty look.

Skin care products with makeup benefits have all the usual stuff we look for, like nourishing ingredients and spot treatments, but the latest formulas promise extra benefits that you’d typically find in makeup products, such as a lit-from-within glow or an even, matte finish. If you’re looking to Marie Kondo your beauty routine, check out some of these interesting skin care products that double as makeup.