7 Life-Saving Acne Coverage Tutorials

Oh, acne. There’s really nothing good to say about it. Acne does a number on your confidence and throws a wrench in your makeup game. Let’s just say the struggle for women with cystic acne, scarring and redness goes beyond what a spot of concealer can fix.

Luckily, the world of YouTube beauty tutorials is here to help. This list of acne coverage tutorials features seven beauty gurus who seriously know their stuff when it comes to acne coverage. These makeup magicians’ secret techniques and products for covering scarring, hyperpigmentation, active acne and cysts prove the power of makeup.

For Coverage on a Budget

This transformative tutorial by beauty vlogger Carly Humbert proves that you don’t need to break the bank to camouflage your acne. All of the acne products she uses can be found at your local drugstore for less than $15.

For Camouflaging Scars

SariReanna offers this awesome routine for how to achieve a natural, everyday makeup look, while concealing acne scarring and redness. Start the video at 6:42 to dive right in.

For Oil-Free Glam

If you have oily skin, large pores or hyperpigmentation, this tutorial from makeupD0LL is for you. The vlogger demonstrates how she achieves this contoured, photo-ready look without a hint of acne in site. (The tutorial starts at 2:22.)

For Flawless No-Makeup Makeup

If you have acne, you may think the “no-makeup makeup” look is off limits. But YouTube’s resident expert on acne coverage, My Pale Skin, shows exactly how to pull off the look in this easy, must-try tutorial.

For Perfecting Combo Skin

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shows us her delicate techniques for concealing blemishes without irritating dry skin. If you’re a combo skin type, this tutorial is a life-saver. (Start watching at 4:14.)

For Concealing Cystic Acne

YouTuber ElaineMokk suffered from severe cystic acne breakouts due to hormonal overload. This makeup transformation is surprisingly simple and amazing to watch.

For Controlling Redness

Inflammation got you down? Makeup artist Stephanie Lange delivers an easy-to-follow tutorial for camouflaging irritation and redness. Learn the best brushes, products and techniques for achieving a matte, color-corrected complexion.