Backstage with Hair Stylist Julien Farel at Wes Gordon Fall 2011

Celebrity and fashion hair stylist Julien Farel has worked with stars such as Selma Hayek and Kate Moss, and brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Julien took a few minutes after the Wes Gordon Fall 2011 presentation this week to chat with tFS about styling for the runway.

Julien Farel at Wes GordonJulian Farel at Wes Gordon

The Fashion Spot: How do you determine the look for each show?

Julien Farel: The look for each show is determined by information discussed with the designer and the trend that is given according to the collection.

tFS: What steps do you take to plan for a show?

JF: The steps taken are either doing a try out in the salon with a model and the designer to pin point exactly what is desired, or a "Mood Board" will be created by the designer and the hairstylist to, once again, help to visualize the final hairstyle.

tFS: What happens backstage before, during and after the show? Is it chaos or organized?

JF: Backstage, there is always a great atmosphere; it starts as a quiet buzz and will gradually progress to a quick pace with music, voices, flashes and many pairs of hands laboriously doing final touches!

During the show, the pace stays pretty quick, if they keep the same style, it's just tucking and smoothing things over. If it is a complete change, then it's a bit more intense; time is of the essence and the audience will not wait…

After the show, it's essentially the equivalent to a good work out. One feels invigorated with a sense of accomplishment.

Wes Gordon Fall 2011Wes Gordon Fall 2011

Backstage images courtesy of Julien Farel; presentation images from WWD