Nail Art: Kitsch or Cute?

nail art

Rihanna Smiley Face Nails

Like socks worn with sandals or dull-colored hair scrunchies, nail art was considered a giant fashion no-no for the longest time. Much to our amazement, however, elaborate acrylic nails seem to be the rage, capturing the hearts of young women everywhere who once swore never to bedazzle their fingernails. Is it possible that nail art has become not only acceptable, but stylish?

Like many funky beauty trends, we have to give credit to Katy Perry for putting a positive spin on nail art. The pop princess has been spotted adorning her nails with animal prints, pictures of sushi, and even tiny images of her hubby, Russell Brand (bottom, right). She wholeheartedly embraces stick-on nails, especially the metallic blue ones that have “saved [her] so many times,” according to the January issue of Marie Claire. But she’s certainly not the only red carpet starlet wearing nail art; we spotted Eve with images of Barack Obama on her finger tips (below), Fergie sporting a dice manicure (below), and Rihanna with a heap of yellow smiley faces on her nails (above).

nail art

Former beauty faux pas aside, the trend certainly seems to be catching on. Besides Dashing Diva, whose Design Nails on the Go ($8) have been extremely popular, ladies are scrambling everywhere to get a bottle of Katy Perry’s sold out OPI Black Shatter nail polish, which gives nails a crackled effect when applied on top of another color. 

Naillympics Fantasy Nails WENNWe admit we had some trouble believing that nail art could successfully turn from tacky to trendy, but as it turns out, celebs aren’t the ones with the craziest nails. This September, London will once again host the Nailympics, which comes around every two years! Yes, there is an Olympics for fake nails. Many beauty professionals from around the world practice their art to compete in categories like gel sculpture, fiberglass tips, overlay, and fantasy nail art. We’re still considering hopping onboard the elaborate manicures trend, but we think it’s safe to say we won’t be going for princess-themed nails that look a little too much like finger puppets (left).

So the questions remain: Is it acceptable to wear nail art? Is there a time and a place for it? Or should we steer away from it all together like we have in the past? We want to hear your thoughts!



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