Mismatched Nails Are the Cool, Easy Nail Art

When we were just young little things, one of the lessons our mamas taught us was the importance of matching. Like all life lessons, there were some valid points — and we mostly listened. But as our rebellious teenage years taught us, rules, especially style ones, are sometimes made to be broken. Looking beyond total coordination has led us to discover the clashing beauty of mismatched nails.

Nail art has given us a myriad of inventive looks and color combinations, but the mismatched nails trend brings it back by focusing (mostly) on the interplay of different colors. That makes it a good trend if you have a less than steady hand or struggle to create a polka dot manicure.

When it comes to creating a multicolored look, get creative and don’t let any other so-called rules hold you back. Go for clashing colors, mix finishes, try a monochromatic look. Choose 10 different shades or try seven. Design your version of a rainbow, if you want. Choose your nail polishes carefully or select them with your eyes closed. The point is to have fun and not be concerned whether your nails match your outfit or even each other. And don’t worry whether anyone approves (no offense, mom).

Scroll through the gallery to see 20 playful mismatched nail looks to inspire you.

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