Celebrity Hair Stylist Marcus Francis: a tFS Interview

Evan Rachel Wood Met Ball 2011Marcus Francis has worked with the likes of Emma Roberts, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Marisa Tomei. His hair styling skills have landed him gigs everywhere from Paris Fashion Week shows and Hollywood's red carpet to the pages of fashion's most coveted magazines. Marcus' whirlwind career doesn't give any indication of slowing down any time soon. In fact, it looks like he's just getting started.

I asked this rising star my 3 favorite beauty-related questions:

INDUSTRY BREAK: After working in the salon for 6 years, I wanted to be more a part of the fashion and celebrity world where creating a variety of looks would be a project shown in magazine and film. Fortunately, my cousin got a job at an LA hair/makeup agency as a booker and filtered me to the top of the assistant roster. From there, I worked extremely hard to quickly surpass the assistant stage and learn my own skills, and acquire a strong confidence to handle photo shoots with new clients on my own. I built relationships with up-and-coming makeup artists, stylists, photographers, as well as publicist assistants, that helped connect me to jobs that wouldn't normally have given a newcomer like me a chance. I was very lucky to also have people recognize my hard work and give me the opportunity to build a portfolio and/or client list.


  1. Phyto Volume Acitf — It somehow plumps everyone's hair giving it "easy to achieve" volume and desirable texture for lasting power.
  2. L'oreal Elnet — This is a classic for many reasons. It doesn't have a crusty finish, allows you to brush through the hair and still gives the shape some hold.
  3. Klorane Dry Shampoo — THE best for oily scalp when you still have the texture of "dirty" hair. It also gives styled hair the perfect undone look.
  4. Jonathan Dirt/Silky Dirt — When your hair is clean, it bumps it to that one/two day dirty stage, with a perfect matte finish.
  5. Pantene "Beautiful Lengths" Frizz control — A weightless cream to smooth out frizzy ends or fly-aways; gives a subtle, non greasy shine.

Michelle Williams Cannes 2010FAVORITE LOOK YOU'VE CREATED:  There's an emotional investment in the looks we do for our clients, so it's impossible to pick just one. So I've narrowed it down to two.

Evan Rachel Wood at Met Ball 2011 — If I could have tried that look out on anyone, it was her and at that event. She takes chances, and the Met Ball welcomes that. I loved the look because because it was so different for me to do for a red carpet event, where no one had anything close in resemblance.  It was technical yet beautiful, strong but feminine. And Evan wore it with the perfect amount of confidence.

Michelle Williams at Cannes Film Festival 2010 — It was the first time I had worked with her and she wasn't even sure how to wear the new cut she just got two weeks before.  I wanted to make sure since it was a shining moment for her with Blue Valentine premiering at Cannes, she needed to look young, beautiful, radiant. Short hair can be tricky, but when she arrived at the photo call she had a glow that every photographer wanted to capture. Michelle said to me, "This is the best I've ever looked!" Priceless .

image: Lia Toby /WENN