Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® Challenge

All women can agree – grooming is a pain!  It’s costly, it can hurt, and generally takes way too much time.  When we heard about The Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® Razor, the only four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one, we wanted to test it out for ourselves to see if it really is as good as they say.  We challenged everyday women to take the TrimStyle Razor for a test run, and here’s what they thought…





I fully admit there have been days, multiple days, when I didn’t shave — especially in the winter. Don’t turn your nose up, you know you’ve done the same thing, it’s cold, you’re wearing tights, the thought of a bathing suit is months from your mind, so really, why bother to shave or make that waxing appointment. Of course, that was when I lived in New York City, where there is winter. Now I live in Los Angeles and not just Los Angeles but at the beach where it is 80 degrees in December. Suddenly, missing a few consecutive days of shaving is not an option and waxing is a year round appointment. I mean, let’s face it, my Marc Jacobs bikini should not be accessorized with errant hair. 

Luckily, I found the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle Razor and it has literally saved my life better than any LA County Lifeguard. With the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle, I can make sure that I am always bikini ready. Instead of putting off shaving until the last possible day, I keep the TrimStyle in the shower and am always neatly groomed. No more obsessively planning out my waxing appointments, making sure it’s early enough so the red is gone but not too early that it’s almost time for another appointment (whew, you have no idea the scheduling that living at the beach entails!). Now, I am always prepared for a spur of the moment beach day and I never worry what might happen when I jump for the volley ball, with the Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle I am always smooth, silky, and ready for the beach. 


Let’s just say that when it comes to hair removal, I’m anything but smooth. When I actually remember to shave, I usually end up with a shower reminiscent of the one in Psycho, I’m too cheap to shell out for waxes, and I usually use the fact that I live in Portland, OR, where the sun don’t shine, as an excuse to just skip it. So, when I tested out the Schick Quattro for WomenTrimStyle Razor, I was more than ready to see if it really was a cut above the rest.

The TrimStyle is an all-in-one razor and trimmer designed especially for grooming the bikini, and I have to say I’m surprised that no one has thought of this before; before the TrimStyle, I’d really found no good way of keeping things trim down there without going Brazilian. The trimmer side comes with a battery and is ready to use with the press of a button—you can even set the comb at four different lengths for whatever look you want to achieve (I started at a timid 4). I’ll admit it was a little intimidating to approach my bikini zone with buzzing blades, but the trimmer was surprisingly gentle and very effective at cropping hair close. The fact that it’s bright pink didn’t stop my boyfriend from trying to use it to trim his beard.

I appreciated the heft of the razor's rubber  handle, giving me something to grip onto rather than those lightweight disposables which I usually drop and have to scramble around for in the shower (the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle also comes with a bonus holder which you can suction to your shower wall). At about the same price as other top brand razors that don’t include a trimmer, it’s a great deal. In minutes I was groomed and ready to show some skin—now if only the smoothness would last until winter’s over.


To be perfectly honest, I've always been skeptical of the idea of bikini line grooming. Taking care of the hair down there is practically perfunctory before trips to the beach, but all the available options make me squirm: shaving too often causes ingrown hairs and yucky stubble; waxing is both painful and expensive; laser hair removal costs a bunch and freaks me out; depilatory creams can irritate the skin. The whole experience has always felt weird and embarrassing, so I didn't know what to expect when I tried the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle razor.

But true fact: I really liked it. People have long been recommending electric trimmers as a solution to bikini line woes, but I've always been too stubborn to seek out and pay for an expensive men's beard trimmer. The Schick razor offers a basic, low-maintenance trimmer on one side.  It's super easy to use and extremely effective, and it's also all pink and girly which really works for me, because, well, I’m a girl. In addition to the trimmer, the product includes an actual razor on the other side, with four extremely thin blades for precise shaping. And since the razor is waterproof, you won't accidentally electrocute yourself in the shower because Schick knows: that would be bad. 


Who knows what the average woman would know about below-the-belt maintenance were it not for Sex and the City. From Samantha’s trainer branding her by shaving her pubic hair into a lightning bolt to Carrie’s unexpected Brazilian in L.A., the show covered it all. Perhaps the most memorable incident, however, came from the series’ first movie when in response to Miranda’s “overgrown bush” Samantha exclaims, “Jesus honey! Wax much?” “What? My marriage is going through a rough spot. I don’t have time to wax!” says Miranda in response, to which Samantha retorts, “I could be on death row and not have that situation!” Now, thanks to Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer no woman needs to have that situation.

While effective at removing hair, waxing or sugaring are not only painful, but they’re costly and laser is equally painful and, at least in the short-term, even more costly. Given their options, many women opt to shave their nether region, but all too often do so with a run-of-the-mill razor. Now ladies, we wouldn’t wash our hair with shaving cream or brush our teeth with soap, would we? Shaving with a regular razor is equally egregious and will leave you with nothing but ingrowns, bumps, and lumps. For a prim and proper look, opt for this handy battery-powered, shower-friendly device from Schick. It’s dual-sided with a personal trimmer on one end and a razor on the other so we can fight unwanted fuzz without the unfortunate side effects.

When I get waxed it's either at Shobha or at Completely Bare, both are great but Completely Bare doesn't trim the areas they don't wax so this device is perfect for a quick final touch or for when I'm between wax appointments. It allows for an even trim length, the handle gives you great control, you don't have to worry about cuts or bumps, and best of all it actually grips the hairs well, unlike so many other drugstore trimmers. As for the razor, with its four blades, it will give you a close, easy, no muss no fuss shave. In fact, if you're not worried about dry skin, you could even use the razor without shaving cream.

Use the razor to rid your legs, arms, and underarms of hair and opt to use the trimmer for between-wax upkeep (there are three settings to control length) or for an overall general trim. The device will work even if you have sensitive skin to sooth and smooth for that I-just-got-outta-the-spa feel.

Each pack comes with a blade, battery, holder, and razor, everything you need for a great shaving experience!