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7 Fall Fragrances to Love This Season

With autumn's natural aromas filling the air – crisp leaves, smoky fires and pumpkin, apple and cinnamon –  it's the ideal time to transition your personal fragrance from the lighter scents of summer to a delectable new perfume to complement your fall wardrobe. This season, there's a scent to speak to your every mood, from sexy to sweet, masculine or feminine, sensuous to seductive. Typically heavier and woodsier, fall fragrances are a welcome change from the light florals and citruses in our warm weather wardrobes, and are that much more captivating and intoxicating to the senses with lovely, punctuated notes of spiced florals, warm vanillas and crisp woods filling our noses. Naturally, not everyone takes to the strong sensory experience of a heady, fall-feeling fragrance, so you'll find ample choice from light-yet-seasonal to woodsy-and-warm in our autumn perfume picks below.