Katie Cassidy: How to Get the Perfect Brow



Personally, I have always struggled with my eyebrows. Left to their own devices, they are almost non-existent and are constantly fighting with me. This wouldn’t be a total tragedy if I wasn’t big into brows but, as luck would have it, I love a good eyebrow moment (you know what I’m talking about Ms. Delevingne).

After spending years simply avoiding them because dealing with the situation seemed more trouble than it was worth, I finally sat down with a few pros and learned a thing or two. As it turns out, a tamed eyebrow is easier than you might think. In fact, with just a few tricks and products, perfect brows are just a couple minutes away.

  1. Start out brushing all of your brow hairs up with a fine comb or brow brush.

  2. Then, lightly outline brows and fill them in with an appropriately-colored pencil. If you have a lighter brow (like me), try just lining the bottom line of your brow and then filling in from there using small hair-like strokes. Be sure to use a pencil in the color that is right for your skin and hair. I have tried both the B The Eyebrow Experts pencil in Cinnamon Spice and the one from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Medium Ash; I would recommend both.

  3. Using your comb or brush, brush across the brow a few more times to help blend the color evenly.

  4. Next, layer a coat of gel or hairspray over the brow to keep the shape all day. I swear by the B The Eyebrow Experts gel (also in Cinnamon Spice), but also like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel. For the girl on a budget, a drugstore comparable product is Maybelline‘s Great Lash Clear Mascara.

  5. Finally, using concealer and a flat brush, work your way around each brow to clean up and ensure clean lines.

That’s it! A simple, full brow done right and easy. Kind of makes me wish I hadn’t waited so long to figure it out…