Is Double-Masking the Next Skincare Trend?

Double cleansing is the process of washing your face twice in a row with two different cleansers in order to remove makeup and purify the skin properly. We’re huge fans of the Japanese skincare ritual, but recently we’ve been thinking that double-masking could be the new secret to extra glowy and healthy skin. 

Masks are something we do weekly, kind of like a deep exfoliation or a sheet mask used to rev up our anti-aging efforts. Double-masking is the process of using two masks consecutively or simultaneously to treat different areas of the face as needed. They can still be used separately, but when you follow up a detoxifying clay or charcoal mask with an ultra hydrating one, you’re feeding the skin what it really needs.

Here, three of our favorite formulations to mask layer with.


Caudalie Instant Detox Mask, $39; Moisturizing Mask, $39 at Sephora

Caudalie recently launched a collection of four new face masks designed to address different skincare needs, but the two that stand out are the Instant Detox Mask and the Moisturizing Mask. When used consecutively, these two standouts leave skin feeling completely rejuvenated. Ingredients like grape marc, papaya enzymes and pink clay in the clay mask bring tired, dull skin back to life by clearing up toxins and buildup from deep within the skin. We paired it with the Moisturizing Mask, which restores skin’s hydration and relieves it of redness and tightness, resulting in incredibly soft skin.


Éminence Organic Skin Care Balancing Masque Duo, $54 at Natural Beauty Group

This two-in-one mask can be tailored to meet your skin’s needs. The Charcoal T-Zone Purifier targets pores and provides a deep clean, while the Pomelo Cheek Treatment is moisture-rich for nourishing benefits on dry areas. Kaolin clay and charcoal are the main actives (others include tea tree oil, salicylic acid, eucalyptus oil and buchu leaf extract) in the purifying mask that work together to draw out oil, dirt and bacteria that cause excess sebum, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. The cheek treatment is rich in pomelo juice, which has antioxidants and vitamins to treat damaged skin, while shea butter provides complete moisture. You can easily wear one mask before the other or simply treat different areas of your face as needed using a mix of each mask.


Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, $22; Moisturizing Moon Mask, $22 at Glossier

When Glossier’s latest skincare launch landed on our desk we figured, “Why not try both in one sitting?” The result was incredibly soft and glowy skin that was plump thanks to the much-needed moisture surge from the two masks. The clay Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is touted as “a juice cleanse for your face” by the folks at Glossier and the leafy green phytonutrients — parsley, spinach and cress sprout extract — make that detoxifying experience possible. Meanwhile, the Moisturizing Moon Mask is one of the most intensely hydrating treatments we’ve ever tried. It’s made with natural emollients like shea butter, plant-derived squalene, sweet almond and soybean oils in addition to being jam-packed with hyaluronic acid and the brand’s oxygenating agent to leave skin looking super hydrated and as radiant as ever.

Whether you decide to use any one of these masks on its own or alongside its counterpart, we think you’ll be pretty amazed at the great results the treatments provide. Hey, some things are just better together.