These 14 CC Creams Are the Secret to Glowing Skin

When it comes to makeup application, it’s always important to keep your skin care in mind. Before covering any blemishes or dark spots, you should first apply a serum, cream or gel to treat the issue. Mixing your foundation and skin care could be an option, but luckily an easier solution was created. A few years ago, BB creams made their way into the American market and have been a savior to many women as the makeup and skin care duo works to nurture skin while providing coverage. Since then, there have been CC, DD (daily defense) and even EE (even effect) creams hitting shelves that all sound more like bra sizes than something that should be applied to your face.

BB is short for beauty balm (blemish balm, beauty benefit and everything else), but today, we’re going to focus on CC, which stands for color correctors. The best CC creams are formulated to correct any skin discolorations, such as hyperpigmentation, post-acne scars, sunspots, redness and sallow tones. Since CC creams were created to give skin an overall even tone and texture, there are a number of formulas with anti-aging benefits, such as pore refinement, firming, fine line- and wrinkle-reducing and tone enhancement. If you have yet to try a CC cream and aren’t sure if it is for you, be mindful that there are many formulas for a range of skin concerns and they’ll always be one that caters to yours.

CC creams and other tinted moisturizers should be used by anyone looking to take a break from foundation, but still wants a bit of coverage. Unlike some BB creams, the best CC creams are more lightweight and have a silkier texture, making it suitable for all skin types. They’re also available in a number of shades ranging from fair to dark, making it a product for all skin tones. All CC creams range in coverage from light to full and all can be applied alone or under foundation.

Before brands jumped on the tinted moisturizer wagon, it was almost impossible to find a CC cream in your shade and one that addressed your skin concern. Now, there are a number of brands delivering new formulas. To see which CC cream was created for you, shop the 14 best CC creams from this year to get glowy, even, smooth skin this season.

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