Decorative Roots Are the Hottest New Hair Color Trend

Dying your ends (aka ombre) is so last year. These days, roots are getting all the attention with two hair color trends that highlight the neglected area closest to your scalp.

Rainbow Roots


rainbow roots

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Popularized by Lottie Tomlinson (duh…Louis Tomlinson‘s little sis), rainbow roots call for alternating streaks of color near the crown of your head. It’s a noncommittal way to experiment with the technicolor trend.


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Tomlinson’s hair is bleached with pastel dye layered on top by the brilliant stylists at Bleach London. Women with darker hair tones can recreate the look with bright or neon shades that will pop against the natural hair color.

Glitter Roots

For glitter roots, place sparkles along your hairline or down a center part for a look that just screams holiday.


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Opt for festive flecks like hearts or stars. And to keep the fairy dust in place, simply add a bit of pomade or clear gel. Prepare to go through quite a few washes to render your hair glitter-free but that’s a small price to pay for a little shimmer, amirite? Both dye jobs look best with funky hairstyles that show off your roots so think pigtails, double buns or French braids.

The best part about these new hair trends? They double as a way to cover your roots and stretch your time between dye appointments. And to think, visible roots used to be a beauty faux pas.

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[via Grazia Daily and Elite Daily]