12 Cushion Compacts That Will Revolutionize Your Beauty Routine

When thinking about makeup compacts, you probably picture your grandma applying her chic face powder or envision the cakey powder foundations of the 90s. Compacts have come a long way in the last couple of years, however, thanks in large part to the expansion of Korean beauty products around the world.

Everyone is obsessed with Korean cosmetics lately, including us. We’re down with essences, ampoules, snail slime and, of course, sheet masks. Add cushion compacts to the list of K-beauty products we’ve fallen in love with; they’re lightweight, flattering and come in gorgeous packaging. And since the watery formulas are applied with a sponge, you’ll get a sheer, natural look that’s never cakey.

Today’s cushion compacts aren’t limited to foundations and BB Creams, either. You can find everything from concealers to eyeshadows to lip colors in cushion formulas. Try one cushion compact and you will quickly end up with a makeup bag full of them. Take a look above at 12 cushion compacts that are sure to revolutionize your beauty routine.

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