Scary-Good Halloween Lip Art Ideas That’ll Upstage Any Costume

When it comes to Halloween, your makeup look is as important as your costume. You need something that will wow all of your family, friends, strangers and Instagram followers. That doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in front of the mirror coming up with some elaborate beauty look, though. You can create something bootiful if you just focus on your lips.

We have seen enough amazing lip art looks on Instagram to know how jaw-dropping they can be in general. (Hello, 3-D crystal lips.) When you put a Halloween twist on things, it becomes even better. In fact, you don’t even need to wear a costume with these Halloween lip art looks. They’re that enchanting. A black top and some leggings are good enough.

Another great thing about Halloween lip art is that there are so many options you can try, from bloody looks straight out of a scary movie to ones inspired by your favorite Halloween characters. It will make you wish that you could rock Halloween lip art the other 30 days of October. Click through the gallery to get inspired.

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