Live Succulent Manicures Are Giving People a Literal Green Thumb

Succulents: beautiful, practically self-sustaining. Succulent nail art: beautiful, high maintenance as heck.

Once just easygoing, Instagram-friendly household decorations, fat plants (we’re reclaiming the word across species) have evolved into decorators of both the inanimate and the living. They top off cupcakes, sit atop statement rings and now, thanks to Australian artist Roz Borg, they give once-lazy gardeners literal green thumbs.

Yes, you can now use succulents to decorate both your nails and flower beds. Allow us to clear your eco-conscience: this does not harm the plant in any way, so long as you handle your digits very, very carefully.

The trick is to use Oasis Floral Adhesive, a plant-friendly glue, to adhere the fleshy leaves either directly to your nails or acrylics attached to your actual nails. The greenery will continue growing atop your fingertips. Once the glue loses its adhesiveness, you can simply re-plant your baby succulents in their natural habitat.

As far as manicure trends go, this delicate, hours-long process is “definitely not practical,” to quote Borg. However, it is nice to look at, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi did manage to make floral lip art work…

First, we figured out a way to wear pumpkin spice lattes, now succulents. What’s next? Ramen hats?

[ via Pop Sugar ]