10 Makeup Looks We Loved at Bridal Fashion Week

Choosing your wedding makeup can be even more challenging than selecting a dress. After all, your makeup sets the tone for your entire look and, more practically, it defines your features in your photographs.

Season after season, we turn to Bridal Fashion Week for the best wedding makeup inspiration. The looks range from barely there to seriously glamorous and everything in between. And even though makeup artists express their creativity, these looks are generally easy to recreate and are often more subdued than other runway shows.

This inspiration from Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017 highlights eyes, lips or skin, so you’ll want to decide which feature you want to emphasize. And the wedding makeup looks convey a certain vibe that should correspond with your day. Most importantly, opt for makeup that makes you feel like your prettiest self. It’s your wedding and you want to feel beautiful and confident.

Images: Imaxtree