Zendaya and James Charles Slay This 5-Minute Mermaid Eye Tutorial

CoverGirls Zendaya and James Charles begin the makeup giant’s latest product plug with possibly the most rhetorical question ever: “Wanna get ready with us?” (Yes. Of course. Everyday.) They then launch into the most adorable, FOMO-inspiring makeup tutorial known to man. During the five-minute spot, Zendaya and James recreate a poor man’s version of the mermaid-worthy eye shadow look that brought them together in the first place.

Here’s the story. Before 17-year-old James Charles ascended to 30 Under 30 fame, he was a simple high school student with a knack for applying makeup, a YouTube channel boasting thousands upon thousands of subscribers and a feature in Marie Claire. All that was well and good, but when CoverGirl spokesmodel Zendaya challenged her Instagram followers to a #FibersMascaraContest, that’s when things really took off for James.

Six months ago, Z posted a pic (see above) of herself sporting a dramatic teal and purple cut crease eye inspired by CoverGirl’s Super Sizer Fibers Mascara packaging. In her caption, Zendaya invited her followers to imitate the look. The winner of the contest would be invited to co-star in one of the multihypenate’s upcoming makeup tutorials. Needless to say, James slayed the challenge (see below). His skills earned him the actress’ stamp of approval, and, ultimately, a CoverGirl contract. Now, the duo has come together to bless the world with that promised video. Sort of.

The 5-minute clip is more of a race to the finish line than a how-to, but James does his best to give good tutorial. The first-ever CoverBoy, bless his heart, spends precious seconds keeping us informed of all his movements and product choices. Zendaya’s mostly there for comic relief, chiming in with a few “what he said”s as she applies a red carpet-worthy face with astonishing speed. (It’s almost as if she’s done this before.) While James’ finished product is not quite up to his usual standard — he accidentally brushes some mascara onto his nose, but who among us has not? — he still gets an A for effort.

Watch the full clip below.

[ via Cosmopolitan ]