These Products Prove Customized Beauty Is the Future

This year is turning out to be the year of customized beauty. You’ve most likely heard of the Prescriptives custom foundation that launched back in 2012, which created a stir in the beauty world but didn’t kickstart a trend. Turns out, it just wasn’t the right time for personalized beauty products. But that’s not the case now. Not only has Prescriptives had a very impressive comeback with Custom Blend, but many other brands are taking note and following in its footsteps.

With these amazing innovations, brands are able to give customers exactly what they need, whether it’s a true match foundation, personalized hair products that will give you gorgeous, shiny hair or even microbeads that you can toss into your favorite face cleanser and make it an instant exfoliating experience. These products are here to stay and prove customized beauty is the way of the future.

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