Christian Louboutin Eye Makeup Is Coming — and It’s Gorgeous

Christian Louboutin Beauté will expand into eye makeup.

Image: Christian Louboutin Beauté

After three years in the beauty game, Christian Louboutin is branching out in a big way. Come March, the glamorous, aspirational (with a capital A) beauty brand will expand into eye makeup. House Louboutin’s premiere eye makeup collection will include four products: mascara, liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pencils and brow pencils.

Back in 2014, Louboutin launched its first nail polishes at the very luxury price point of $50 per bottle — and the fashion world balked. Now we’ve come to accept that, though Louboutin Beauté’s pricing is high, so too is the quality of its wares.

The Luminous Ink Eyeliner — which comes in black, brown or the brand’s patented red — will retail for $75. It’s “an object of calligraphy, almost,” Catherine Roggero, general manager of Christian Louboutin Beauté, told WWD. A tube of Lash Amplifying Laquer will run you $70. Not to be confused with your average mascara, Louboutin’s “lacquer” promises to give lashes the “shine of patent leather.” (Oh, and the shell is real brass.) The relatively affordable Brow Definer and Oeil Velours Velvet Eye Definer pencils will cost $40 apiece. Since high-impact color is officially A Thing. The latter will come in teal in addition to black and brown. Eyeshadow will join the gang “at some point,” Roggero affirmed.

“This is very much what Christian [Louboutin] wanted to do — to once again give women a tool to enhance something that allows them to control how people perceive them. It’s about taking ownership, and the way you do that in eye makeup is through eyebrows, liners and lashes,” stated Roggero. There you have it. Get ready for your eye game — and life — to change.

Louboutin’s eye makeup range hits a select few retail locations — and possibly the brand’s e-commerce site — on March 23. We’ll update this article as more details become available.

[ via WWD ]