Earth Day Awards: The Best Organic Makeup and Natural Beauty Products of 2017

Earth Day is a time to consider our impact on the environment. There are the usual things like walking more and driving less, conserving electricity (hello, plugged-in tech devices) and minimizing water consumption. While you’re thinking about ways to cut down that 15-minute shower, it’s also worth taking a look at your beauty routine and figuring out ways to incorporate organic makeup and natural beauty products.

Green beauty might be one of the biggest talking points in the industry at the moment, but it’s more than a trend. Natural beauty products and organic makeup have come a long way from the days when we had to choose between an effective formula and an organic one. Now, eco-friendly beauty products are on par with — or better than— some of the chemically-derived stuff. Even better, green beauty products can be found everywhere from high-end department stores to your local drugstore.

Are you ready to go green? Take a look at the organic makeup and natural beauty products that have earned our best-in-class seal of approval for 2017.

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