These ‘Squiggle Lips’ Are the Freakiest Thing You’ll See All Day

In the past few months we’ve witnessed the birth of all sorts of puzzling, unnecessary makeup “trends”: spiky “dragon” eyebrows; greased-up, middle-parted “feather” brows; zigzagging “barbed-wire” brows; finger wave-like “squiggle brows” (see below).

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To highlight the absurdity of these so-called “trends” (and showcase her skills) beauty vlogger Lexington took the latest virtual fad — the squiggle brow — and turned it on its ear. Her creation, the “wavy lip,” is probably the most disturbing thing you’ll see all day. (That is, if today were a normal day and the fourth most populous city in America weren’t currently under water.)

In the space of approximately 24 hours, Lexington’s Instagram “trend” announcement received over 17,000 likes (for context, the YouTuber’s likes normally average around 3,000). We get it. On the one hand, we’re repulsed by Lex’s rippling, horrifyingly realistic lip makeup. On the other hand, we can’t look away.

Perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss the wavy lip. (Although Lex clearly stipulates it’s a joke.) It’s certainly a great Halloween makeup idea. Folks, would you try this at home?

[ via Allure ]