These Booster Serums Will Supercharge Your Skin Care Products

If you’re familiar with double cleansing, bubble masks and cushion compacts, then you’re already aware of the many amazing Korean beauty products that have infiltrated the industry over the past few years. The latest K-beauty category everyone’s buzzing about is booster serums, a skin care wunderkind that many Western brands are now also incorporating into their product lines.

What are booster serums?

Booster serums are lightweight liquids that contain performance ingredients in high concentration. You can mix them with other skin care products, like moisturizer or sunscreen, or use them on their own before following up with the rest of your regimen. Think of booster serums as the ingredient that supercharges the products you already use.

Boosters are packaged in small volume bottles due to the fact that they’re concentrated, and because you only need one or two drops, the bottle can last a long time. Light in texture and watery, they are created to target different concerns, like increase hydration, brighten, tone, reduce wrinkles or soothe irritated skin. The goal of boosters is to prime and stabilize the skin’s barrier, allowing your other products to work more effectively and give us the healthy glow we all want.

How to use booster serums

You can opt to use boosters either on their own or mixed with another product. If you choose to use them on their own, work 1-3 drops (or more, per manufacturer’s instructions) into cleansed (and, if you wish, toned) face. Follow up with serum and moisturizer.

Another way is to mix 1-3 drops of booster with a moisturizer in the palm of your hand and apply the mixture after cleansing. You will notice that you will not need nearly as much moisturizer as you did prior to using a booster.

The beauty of booster serums is that they can improve the benefits of your creams or replace your usual toner or serum. If you are curious about giving this type of product a try, click through the slideshow above to discover some of the best booster serums available.

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