22 Upside Down Eyeliner Looks That’ll Wake Up Your Makeup Routine

Before drawing on that cat eye flick or dusting an inky eyeshadow across the eyelid, stop. Playing up the upper part of the eyes may produce countless beautiful makeup looks, but there are many other options besides your go-to smoky eye or winged eyeliner. If you’re feeling experimental, try flipping your eye makeup upside down with an underliner look.

Those who are partial to elongated flicks will be all for underliner because it produces a fierce feline eye, but the key difference is the product is focused under the eye, hence the name. That’s why it’s sometimes referred to as upside down makeup or under eyeliner. The reversed look can be created with eyeliner, eyeshadow or a combination of the two. And when it comes to colors, there are no rules.

In fact, a lot of the underliner looks seen on the red carpet and runways favor bold shades as just the tiniest flick of color on the lower lashes can brighten the entire eye area. This makes underliner a great option for those neglected shadows lurking at the bottom of makeup bags that we’re not sure if we can pull off.

One of the other benefits of underliner is that it can be adapted to every occasion. A subtle line is suitable for day, while a thick, extended wing is great for evening. And those still wanting some eyeshadow on their lids can add that on too.

Start embracing the trend with these easy underliner makeup ideas.

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