16 Un-Basic Ways to Wear Blush

When it comes to playing up our features with makeup, it’s almost always about the eyes or lips. It’s about time for cheeks to have their moment. Normally, we apply blush to the apples of the cheeks as part of our basic beauty routine and that’s the most attention they get. But there are so many ways to make cheeks the focal point of a makeup look.

Many of us shy away from blush for fear that a heavy-handed approach will result in a not-so-flattering 80s look. That’s doing blush a disservice because there are many flattering ways to apply blush — and the majority of them don’t involve liberally applying the product. It’s about placement, finish and complementary products.

If you’ve already fallen for strobed skin and colored highlighters, embracing next-level blush seems like a no-brainer. Scroll through the runway beauty looks above to find out how to apply blush to make it feel like new again.

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Images: Imaxtree