18 High-Impact Holiday Makeup Looks You Can Totally Pull Off

We’re in the thick of holiday party season. Shining bright like a diamond is no longer reserved for Rihanna. Now’s the time to cover your eyelids in glitter. Rock deep blue-blue-blue-red lipstick and cover that sh*t with lip glass. Debut a multicolored smoky eye the likes of which your family, friends and colleagues have never seen (on you, IRL).

In order to come off classy-glam and not David Bowie-glam, we highly suggest you pick just one feature to highlight, keeping the rest of your makeup fairly minimal. Not only will this keep you looking chic, it’ll also minimize the amount of time you spend prepping for the evening’s festivities. Win-win.

Click through the slideshow above for 18 such high-impact, low-effort holiday makeup ideas. Keep ’em on file for the party-filled weeks ahead.