Beauty Drops Help You Get More From the Products You Love

Have you ever wished your favorite moisturizer was just a bit more hydrating during the winter? Or wanted a little more glow from your foundation for a night out? Instead of filling up your vanity with even more products, it’s time to try beauty drops instead.

Beauty drops come in dropper bottles and contain concentrated skincare or makeup ingredients to customize your routine. The lightweight, serum-like formulas can be mixed into almost any product, including foundation, concealer, primer and moisturizer, for a customized, supercharged version of the original.

Pigment drops can be added to moisturizer for an instant bespoke foundation, illuminating drops can be added to foundation for a radiant glow and color-correcting drops can be added to makeup or moisturizer to combat redness. Beauty drops can also add much-needed hydration or “filter” out fine lines and pores. Add one drop or several, depending on your needs. Alternatively, beauty drops can be applied straight from the bottle for a more concentrated effect.

Ready to get blending? Click through the gallery to see 10 beauty drops that will make you a mix master.

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