12 Amazing Cruelty-Free Beauty Products You Can Buy for Under $10

Conscious consuming is a way of life these days, reaching every industry from cars to cosmetics. More than ever, we want to know where and how our products were made — because why spend your hard-earned money if you can’t feel completely good about it? And when it comes to cruelty-free beauty, not only does feeling good and looking good go hand in hand, but the perfect products are closer and more affordable than you may think. We’re talking under $10 and available at your local drugstore. What a time to be alive!

So what does “cruelty-free” mean exactly? It means the item you’re purchasing wasn’t tested on animals. But while many brands can call their finished products animal-friendly, to be considered completely cruelty-free, there can be no animal testing at any point in the product development. According to Suzi Scheler of the Cruelty-Free Kitty blog, this means no testing on animals by the company or the ingredient suppliers, or by third parties on behalf of the company.

Luckily, there are a plethora of brands out now that fulfill these requirements without sacrificing quality and plenty of them are wallet-friendly as well. Now that’s a winning combo. If you’re ready to give your product stash an ethical update, click through the slideshow ahead for 12 cruelty-free beauty buys for under $10.

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