What to Buy from Commodity, the Gender-Neutral Beauty Company Sephora Customers Love

In the beauty world, stereotypically gendered anything is on its way out, as is stereotypical marketing. (Heck, brands like Deciem have eschewed any kind of marketing and are still killing the game). A love of minimalist packaging is most definitely in (and has been for a while). As is affordability, for obvious reasons. So, color us unsurprised that Commodity, which began as a gender-neutral, minimalist-leaning, relatively affordable luxury fragrance line and recently expanded to include candles and soaps, has achieved cult-favorite status.

“In a world where everything can be had, the most precious commodity is who you are,” reads the brand’s mission statement. Commodity’s co-creaters, Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub, don’t want to tell people what to wear or in any way dilute their personalities. “We want to take what we think smells amazing, put it out there and let people decide for themselves if they want to use it,” Huzenlaub told Fashionista in a recent interview.

Thus, Commodity customers get to choose between a wide selection of subtle — but outrageously unique — scents that range from rich, indulgent and luxurious (the Platinum Collection) to complex, intense and moody (the Black Collection) to light, airy and easy (the White Collection).

Whether a single fragrance melts naturally into your skin and binds with your aura or it takes a couple scents to achieve a smell that’s “so you,” there’s something for all tastes/noses. Just look at the options! Book, Gold, Rain, Moss, Whiskey, Tea, Velvet, Magnolia… C’mon. There’s no way your curiosity isn’t piqued.

Back in 2014, when the brand first launched, its small, direct-to-consumer online setup was similar to that of a baby Warby Parker. Customers would fill out a scent profile, Commodity would send them five to try and they’d pick from among the set or say nay and walk away/try again. Nowadays, most of the company’s business comes through Sephora (where it regularly sells out). Of course, the site’s still operational and the only place you can get Commodity’s newly launched soaps. (Fun fact: While Commodity’s Sephora customers are more than 90 percent female and less than 10 percent male, its e-commerce direct sales are an even 50/50.)

As for what to buy, click through the slideshow below for a rundown of what’s available at Sephora. (Personally, we believe every bedroom is incomplete without a Book candle on the nightstand.)

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