6 Makeup Trends From the Fall 2018 Runways to Try Right Now

Images: Imaxtree

After a long month of jetting between New York, London, Milan and Paris, the Fall 2018 fashion shows have come to a close. Some may be sad to hang up their street style looks until next season but now is actually when the real fun begins. We can take a breather and dissect the hits (and misses) from fashion month and figure out which fashion trends are worth the investment. As for makeup trends, there were plenty of pretty, inspiring and wearable looks worth trying.

Makeup artists backstage at the shows dreamed up a variety of looks that had us swooning as much as the clothes. One big surprise was the amount of color used, especially on the eyes. It was easy to mistake some of the bright looks for spring makeup, rather than fall. We saw colors from the entire spectrum used to accent eyes in the form of colored mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Sometimes several hues were mixed together to create beautiful multicolored looks.

Out of all the colors used, the one that reigned supreme was baby blue. (Remember what we said about these being the fall shows?) If you still think of blue eyeshadow as dated, the runways proved how thoroughly modern it can be with the right application.

On the lip front, there were a few clear camps. Some shows kept things classic with true red lipstick. Others looked to the 90s and were inspired by the burgundy and brown lipsticks of the decade of grunge. Those of us who can’t get enough of glitter will be pleased to know that makeup artists share the same passion for it as there was a heavy sprinkling of sparkle throughout the shows. Sometimes the sparkle came in surprising forms (hello, diamantés).

Forget about waiting until fall to try these gorgeous looks. Grab your makeup bag and click through the gallery above to see the biggest Fall 2018 makeup trends fresh from the runways.

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