The Best Liquid Highlighters for All Skin Tones

When it comes to highlighters, we want a multidimensional, micro pearl-packed product that delivers an otherworldly glow. And we want it to look as good in natural light as it does on Instagram.

The right liquid highlighter shade can awaken skin, taking it from dull and lifeless to opalescent and dewy. However, the wrong shade can look fake, wash you out and come across as dirty or ghoulish. Not exactly the stuff #highlighteronfleek is made of.

two women with highlighted skin

Image: Imaxtree

Liquid highlighter formulas tend to be easier to blend than powder highlighters and they have the effect of melting into skin so the opalescent glow looks like it’s radiating from within. For a next-level glow, you can even layer liquid formulas under powder highlighters.

But first, it’s important to find the best liquid highlighter for your skin tone. Sue Katz, co-founder of AmazingCosmetics, suggests looking for a shade that closely matches your skin tone if you’re looking for a subtle highlight. For fair complexions, whitish or light gold colors work best, like AmazingCosmetics Illuminate Primer + Highlighter in Glow ($35). Medium and tan complexions benefit from pink or peachy shades, while those with deeper complexions should play around with gold and bronze.

Above, we’ve rounded up the most flattering liquid highlighter shades for all skin tones.

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