14 Long Wear Makeup Products That Stand Up to Heat and Humidity

Summer is the season of iced drinks, long nights and all the breezy dresses we can cram into our closets. It may seem pretty perfect, but even summer has its downsides. Namely, the balmy weather can throw a wrench into the most tried-and-true makeup routine.

High humidity, soaring temperatures and the occasional rainstorm can see makeup melting as quickly as a freshly scooped ice cream cone. (We won’t even start on what the scorching temperatures do to our hair.) That means the products that once worked can leave us with major cases of panda eyes, smudged lipstick and a nonexistent foundation layer.

It’s time to summerize your beauty routine by replacing basic makeup with long wear makeup that stands up to sweat, heat and humidity. Even without primers, these smudge-proof, transfer-resistant products just won’t quit — which means we can stop worrying about makeup meltdowns and go out and enjoy the weather.

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