Huda Kattan Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her Beauty Empire With Her New Reality Show

Hit the pause button on Keeping Up With the Kardashians because there’s a new reality show to obsess over. We’re talking about Huda Boss, Huda Kattan’s own reality series on Facebook Watch.

Huda is the creator of Huda Beauty, a successful beauty brand the beauty community has come to love. Huda started out as a beauty blogger in 2010 and now she is up there with moguls like Michelle Phan and Kylie Jenner taking on big makeup brands and dominating the beauty industry. But working in beauty wasn’t always what she thought of doing with her life. She studied finance and worked in the finance industry in Dubai. But when the recession happened she started to feel like it was all useless. Little did she know it was all a blessing in disguise.

“At the time, I felt a little lost, but in hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Huda shares on her brand’s website.

One of Huda’s sisters encouraged her to pursue her true passion: makeup. Excited after getting more encouragement from the rest of her family, Huda didn’t waste time and flew right to Los Angeles to start her journey. She studied at the Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School and soon amazing opportunities started rolling in.

Now she has her own reality show and we get to follow along and see where she’s headed. The show premiered June 12 and is now on its sixth episode. What sets Huda Boss apart from every other reality show is that it’s about making your dreams come true. Sounds a little cheesy, but if you’ve tried taking steps toward making a certain dream happen, you know that it’s not all good feelings and glamour.

According to Huda, the series will show everything from “the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly…it is gonna be super raw, super real, lashes are coming off, no makeup, you guys are gonna see it all.” It’s a chance to see all the challenges and failures that lead to her success.

Follow Huda, her husband Christopher and her sisters Mona and Alya as they show us everything that goes on behind the scenes of a burgeoning beauty empire. Watch a preview below, then check out the Huda Boss Facebook page for new episodes. We guarantee you’ll be hooked.