6 Jelly Makeup Products That Aren’t Gimmicky

In the beauty world, nothing is off limits when it comes to product development. Brands are always dreaming up all kinds of wild, kooky, bizarre formulations — a lot of which people end up really liking despite being a bit confused by it in the beginning. (Remember when we raised our eyebrows at unicorn highlighters when they first hit the market?) It’s not often that a truly unique and functional idea comes about, but when one does, it takes off full steam.

Such is the case with the latest trend in the beauty world: jelly-based products. Jelly is the texture of the moment — so much so it can be found everywhere from skin care to hair care to makeup aisles.

And while a product that looks and feels like Jell-O might come off as gimmicky, these innovative products boast a formula that quenches and nourishes skin in a way that earns them their rightful place in our medicine cabinet next to traditionally formulated beauty products.

Here, the six best jelly-textured makeup products that might look like a kid’s snack, but deliver results that are the real deal.

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