Are you a Topshop fan? I love their stuff, and I loved it even more back when we Americans had to trek to London to get it! Now, the fashion giant will bring beauty items to the United States, after a 15-year makeup hiatus.

The Topshop beauty line will be available at their leading 30 stores, including the one in New York, and online. I think I’m going to stock up and justify my purchases from a "collector’s perspective" since the packaging is far out. Polka dots and fanciful lettering make up the bulk of it, punctuated with clear pots and tubes to let the pigment take center stage.

"It’s playful, almost like the Topshop girl drew it herself," designer Lizzie Dawson said in a press release about the line.

I don’t know about you, but a lot of the Topshop clothing picks on my wish list end up being rather expensive. Cost can be prohibitive, but no matter… the makeup starts at $8 and ranges upward to $20.  As for the palettes themselves, they are inspired by seasonal Topshop fashion collections (and surely the hot colors of the season). It was also noted that the collection will go adventurous for one of the six seasonal collections per year, so even if you’re a fan of electric makeup, you’ll be pleased with Topshop.

I wonder if Kate Moss will be slicking on the new lipstick when it comes out in May…

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