These Ultra-Lightweight Undereye Concealers NEVER Settle Into Fine Lines

Thanks to seasonal allergies and a less-than-optimal sleep schedule, I certainly have my fair share of dark circles under my eyes — yet I rarely (if ever) choose to conceal them. That’s because the costs usually seem to outweigh the benefits — yes, the dark circles get covered up, but the concealer usually ends up clinging to any dry patches and settles into fine lines, ultimately drawing more attention to what I was trying to hide in the first place.

I’m starting to change my tune, though, thanks to the proliferation of exciting new concealers out there, formulated with the tricky undereye area in mind. This breed of concealers tends to be hydrating, breathable and light as air, moving with your skin instead of drying it out and emphasizing texture. Ready to bust some dark circles? Keep reading for some of the best undereye concealers in town.

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