7 Makeup Trends We Saw on the Spring 2019 Runways We Can’t Wait to Try

Images: Imaxtree

Prep that vanity and pull out those makeup brushes because the whirlwind that is fashion month has come to a close and we’re left with some gorgeous makeup trends to try from the Spring 2019 shows. There’s no way you’ll want to wait until spring to try out these beauty looks.

It seemed makeup artists in New York, London, Milan and Paris were on a mission to completely cure us of our fear of color. We saw the typical cheery shades associated with the season, but they were taken to neon saturation levels. The color was swiped boldly and sometimes haphazardly for a fun, fearless approach. Electric colors of all shades were popular, but turquoise, orange, cobalt blue and pink were favorites.

Sunset tones may not have the white-hot intensity of neons, but they were another runway hit. Faded pinks, yellows and oranges played into the season’s weather and gave a flattering Instagram filter effect. Classic red lips popped up a handful of times and proved that even a timeless lipstick look can be head-turning when applied in a full-coverage formula.

If all the talk of bold tones is making you dizzy, there were some softer looks too. A natural makeup look featuring dewy, facial-fresh skin and glossy makeup showed up again and again and again. It proved that the glass skin craze is more than a flash-in-the-pan trend. Finally, a handful of shows had hidden gem makeup looks. Makeup artists used the smallest dabs and ticks of color for a surprise treat for those looking closely. And we definitely were.

Read on to see the top Spring 2019 makeup trends from the runways you will definitely want to experiment with now.

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