The Perfect Beauty Routine to Beat the Work-From-Home Blues

A work-from-home situation can get dreary if you don’t switch up your routine every now and then. More and more millennials are turning to the gig economy and opting for freelance jobs. Some of our favorite beauty icons have been freelance souls, like Carrie Bradshaw and Rory Gilmore, but somehow we feel like they never spent 15 hours a day in sweatpants and the same shirt they wore to bed the night before.

The topic of freelancers’ mental well-being has been extensively discussed in the last couple of years. When you have a nine-to-five, however stuffy it may be, you need to get dressed, put on real clothes and, of course, talk and mingle. Whereas a WFH gig can have you cooped up in your loft for three days a stretch with only a laptop for company. The fastest way to beat these blues? Makeup, of course.

Here are some simple beauty hacks that might just transform your work-from-home life and up your productivity game and overall happiness.

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