How to Pull Off Baby Bangs IRL

Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s easy to sport in the real world. But baby bangs are the exception, not the rule, and the proof is in the Pinterest, where searches for cropped bangs are up 51 percent. Hear us out: the short bangs often boasting uneven lengths are surprisingly stylish on models and the street style crowd because they know how to flaunt the fringe.

You can rock a fringe so short it barely counts as bangs or combine it with longer layers framing your face. They’re also the perfect counterpart to any rainbow hair color you can dream up. And while baby bangs require some maintenance (aka frequent trimmings either at the salon or at home), their edgy look is well worth the time trade-off.

Ready to embrace the once-taboo hairstyle? Click through the slideshow to see some super styling ideas that’ll make you a baby bang believer.

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